EstateCoin DAO Ltd.


EstateCoin DAO is a DAO organized by its members as a community of like-minded interests around real-estate and interior tesign. The DAO will base its governance on the EstateCoin utility token that utilizes web3-technology to change the way real-estate information is provided. Unlike traditional real-estate investments, which are often illiquid and require significant capital, EstateCoin DAO aims to democratize the access to the information about the real-estate market, allowing individuals easy access to information about (3rd-party) opportunities to co-finance housing and interior design.

Token Overview

The $EstateCoin utility and governance token is fully decentralized and governed by the members of the DAO (legally represented by EstateCoin DAO Ltd.). The EstateCoin DAO identifies and suggest properties to the ecosystem which can then decide to form a property-specific DAO for the duration of the renovation-project.

The building DAOs (separate from EstateCoin DAO will acquire, renovate, and sell real-estate properties. The net profit generated from these real-estate transactions is distributed to the DAOs proportionately.

The building DAOs will appoint EstateCoin DAO Ltd to on their behalf, with ficuriary powers, acquire, renovate, and sell their real- estate properties on their behalf (of if the DAOs decide via governance to establish a legal DAO core EstateCoin DAO Ltd will, with fiduciary powers handle the renovation but not the acquisition / resale). The net profit after all costs, taxes and fees generated in each of these real-estate DAOs is then distributed to the DAO members proportionately before the DAO is dissolved (via governance).

Dedicated Tokens

Each opportunity (which are independent DAOs) presented in the EstateCoin platform has a dedicated token representing its specific building to it’s DAO members. These dedicated tokens are used to finance the acquisition and renovation of the individual properties selected by the DAO members. EstateCoin will receive a proportional share of the yield.

How to participate in the DAOs

Initially each property-DAO will oQer a token series priced according to the total need of the specific building project (incl. fees, renovation costs etc.). Only when the minimum liquidity has been contributed into the DAO (Set individually for each DAO) does the project go ahead. If the minimum hasn’t been reached within the defined opportunity deadline, the funds will be returned and the DAO dissolved. 

During each property-DAOs existence members can freely trade their tokens via OTC or secondaries markets – but not cash out from the DAO until the DAO has re-sold the property.


EstateCoin DAO aims to redefine access to real-estate information and investment by introducing a platform for easy access to information about real-estate and shared ownership, so interested people can form DAOs around selected properties.

The $EstateCoin utility and governance token will help the EstateCoin DAO members vote and run the DAO and provide relevant information about the real-estate housing market.

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