The $EstateCoin is a fully decentralized Utility token allowing support of the EstateCoin ecosystem – The project will launch its utility coin with the aim to then build participation from real-estate interested users forming the property-specific- DAOs.

Total Token Supply

200,000,000 EstateCoins

Founder Allocation

10% (20,000,000 EstateCoins)

This allocation is intended to incentivise the founders and team to develop and maintain the EstateCoin ecosystem.

Liquidity Reserve

15% (30,000,000 EstateCoins)

This reserve is used to maintain liquidity and ensure that the token can be easily bought and sold on exchanges.

Private Investor Allocation

25% (40,000,000 EstateCoins)

This allocation is reserved for private investors who participate in early fundraising rounds.

Public Investor Allocation

50% (60,000,000 EstateCoins)

This allocation is available for purchase by the public through exchanges and other means.

Developer Pool

0% (to maximise token holder benefits).

tokenomics explained

Token Governance

  • $EstateCoin is governed by the holders, and the decentralized autonomous organization (with a legal entity DAO) that allow $EstateCoin token holders to vote on proposals related to the project’s development and governance. EstateCoin DAO uses a standard-DAO-management-platform for governance to ensure maximum governance transparency and trust.

Token Issuance

  • The $EstateCoin and the Property-specific DAO-tokens are issued from acknowledged open-source frameworks and offered by 3rd-parties. This is done to ensure maximum level of security in the smart contracts.

Benefits of $EstateCoin

  • Support a governance led ecosystem driving access to democratized real- estate investments via fractionalization
  • DEX and CEX listings (pending) for liquidity and flexibility
  • Utilising banking-grade open-source smart-contracts mean no developer costs – leaving more for the token holders
  • Governance to participate in the development of the ecosystem

EstateCoin is a unique and attractive investment opportunity in the real-estate market, starting with Dubai. With its tokenomics, governance structure via DAOs, and secondaries trading markets EstateCoin DAO has the potential to revolutionize the way real estate investments are accessed and managed.

Please contact us via [email protected] for more information and use our contact form to request investor materials.